【Technical Progress】


After COVID-19, people’s lifestyle and production methods may undergo permanent and profound changes. Digital transformation has become the “essential way” for the development of people and enterprises. …

Join us for an AMA with COO Andreas Frank.

Date: Sep 2, 8pm(UTC)

Theme: How to participate in Crosspoly crosschain transactions and receive airdrop

Channel: Longkui Community on Wechat

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/crosspoly

TG: https://t.me/crosspoly

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/AzjWwpdadf

Medium: https://crosspolyteam.medium.com/

【Technical Progress】


module.exports = { ETH_CONFIG: { //TOKEN WETH: “0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2”, CHI: “0x0000000000004946c0e9F43F4Dee607b0eF1fA1c”, Crosspoly: “0x43Dfc4159D86F3A37A5A4B3D4580b888ad7d4DDd”, //Helper CrosspolySellHelper: “0x533da777aedce766ceae696bf90f8541a4ba80eb”, CrosspolyCalleeHelper: “0xef49a6DBa1C8DF859E49c17E9A485B439c7689d3”, CrosspolyV1PmmHelper: “0x6373ceB657C83C91088d328622573FB766064Ac4”, CrosspolyV2RouteHelper: “0x0672952Fab6BD1336C57AE09E49DB6D3e78B1896”, //Template CloneFactory: “0x5e5a7b76462e4bdf83aa98795644281bdba80b88”, FeeRateModel: “0x5e84190a270333aCe5B9202a3F4ceBf11b81bB01”, PermissionManager: “0x6B208E08dcF6BD51F50C5Da09d15B2D8E5C46Cf2”, DVM: “0x7cA7B5EAAf526d93705d28c1b47E9739595C90E7”, DPP: “0xB76de21f04F677f07D9881174a1D8E624276314C”, DSP: “0x8735AAd3BEae15487a017EE32cb11d8fd593e036”, DPPAdmin…

Blockchain is a unique product and the general trend of today’s era. Influenced by the blockchain, the new order in the world financial is also quietly undergoing integration and reshape. Anyway, there must be a place for digital currency!

Crosspoly—A Dark Horse in the Industry

Opportunity always favors those who are prepared. With its unique trading system, Crosspoly has instantly grown into a dark horse in the industry.

Crosspoly has high user stickiness, more security, more openness, and higher privacy performance. Crosspoly adheres to the core concept of decentralized…

In the era where information and data leads the future, the popularity of digital asset transactions has continued to rise, becoming an opportunity for the transformation of traditional business models.

Efficiency is the foundation of user stickiness, and Crosspoly does well in this way.

Crosspoly is a heterogeneous cross-chain platform…

This summer, Metauniverse is burning with its unexpected potential.

We are thrilled to have MyLock as one of partners for building Metauniverse ecology together. Our partnership opportunities will ensure Crosspoly becomes a leading heterogeneous cross-chain protocol.

About MyLock

Mylock is a world-leading blockchain wallet that supports BTC, ETH, DOT, FIL…

【Technical Progress】


2. Completed the Crosspolyswap ETH Uniswap Bridge.

What is the whitelist community?

The whitelist community is a list of high quality communities selected by Crosspoly official through a third-party community election.

By filling in the community information on the official website and getting approved by the official of Crosspoly, you can become a member of whitelist community.

Any benefits you can enjoy as a member of whitelist community?

How to apply?

Send an email to crosspolyteam@gmail.com or submit your application in the following link.

When to start?

Start: 00:00 UTC Aug 19

End: 23:59 UTC Aug 22

There is only one day left. Come and join us as a member of whitelist community.

The whitelist recruitment of our airdrop competition kicks off now!

Time: Aug 19–22

Submit your community information here: Link

We will review the information you submit ASAP.


a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol

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