Crosspoly Pioneers The Perfect Integration of Digital Assets And Internet Thinking

4 min readSep 1, 2021


After COVID-19, people’s lifestyle and production methods may undergo permanent and profound changes. Digital transformation has become the “essential way” for the development of people and enterprises. How to build a new digital economy space based on the innovative technology era of the blockchain + Internet thinking has become a problem faced by all walks of life.

The new generation of information technology is deeply integrated with the blockchain, and the Internet of Value has become an important cornerstone after the Internet in the context of the intersection of the technological revolution and the new technological revolution of the blockchain. Relevant experts believe that how to accelerate development in the context of the digital economy is a topic that all walks of life must face. The epidemic has verified these needs and ideas. In the digital age, blockchain enables all tangible assets to be processed digitally, thereby building a new transaction order and value system, and providing many solutions for the digital economy. Digital currency heralds the advent of a new era, and blockchain technology has played a subversive role in improving the security and effectiveness of the payment system.

According to relevant experts, thanks to the improvement of blockchain technology, the Internet of Value has developed rapidly in recent years. The policy system from the central to the local level has been continuously improved, and new models have continued to emerge.

As a comprehensive ecological platform that is transaction-oriented, Crosspoly continues to provide users with a simple and efficient digital transaction platform.

It is reported that Crosspoly is one of the few digital asset trading platforms with a complete application ecosystem, which has played a great reward and support role for the construction of the entire ecosystem. Based on the core tenet of making finance simpler, ransactions more free and life better, crosspoly brings and creates sustainable benefits for users. Starting from “the interests of users are the highest interests”, Crosspoly has established a new transaction economic ecology, allowing investors to enjoy the wealth dividend brought by value growth.

Crosspoly utilizes the technical advantages of cryptocurrency and relies on the existing traditional application scenarios to realize a stable and global anti-regulation trading system.

Crosspoly provides a solution to the lack of assets liquidity concerning crosschain issues. The cross-chain aggregation protocol combines platform cross-chain wrapped assets with on-chain assets on a 1:1 basis for LP mining.The mining reward enables cross-chain wrapped assets to convert wrapped assets and smart contract interaction among different public chains.

For example, if the user wants to transfer HT/BNB/FIL to HT/BNB/FIL on the ETH chain, he only needs to transfer a HT/BNB/FIL into the cross-chain pool. The swap pool triggers the contract to generate the crosschain wrapped asset eHT/eBNB/eFIL in ETH format, and eHT/eBNB/eFIL and wHT/wBNB/wFIL (ETH chain wrapped tokens) can be mined in LP combination from liquid mining DEX to realize the liquidity of cross-chain wrapped assets.

Establish a consensus mechanism through Crosspoly. Distributed private key control is based on multi-party calculation and threshold key sharing technology in cryptography. Through private key generation and control technology, encrypted currency assets are mapped to the chain based on the built-in asset template of the blockchain protocol. The new smart contracts are deployed according to the chain transaction information to create new cryptocurrency assets, so as to realize the function of finding the best price for DEFI users and automatically placing orders.

In the future, with the support of blockchain infrastructure, Crosspoly will fully empower heterogeneous cross-chain platforms and establish a new space for multi-party governance, fairness, credibility, and intelligent operation of the digital economy.

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a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol