Crosspoly, Start The Great Journey Of Heterogeneous Cross-Chain

The competition in the blockchain industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Looking at the global exchange giants, they all start to innovate and seize the track. How to break through in this competition? Perhaps focusing on globalization is an important step for new players to win. After intensive preparations and early targeted internal testing, Crosspoly came to the world.

Reinforce asset security and give consideration to user experience

For the upgraded exchange, the primary concern of users must be the security of assets and the stability of the system. In this regard, Crosspoly is forward-looking. With a more professional and efficient technical and product team, Crosspoly ensure the rapid and stable processing of high concurrent transactions and the safety of users’ funds.

The Crosspoly heterogeneous cross-chain platform strengthens the user asset security protection system, improves platform risk control and anti-money laundering rules. Management, transfer, and transactions can be seamlessly switched, which is safe and convenient. Through its own security system, Crosspoly help you manage your wallet. It is really convenient, reliable and safe.

Crosspoly heterogeneous cross-chain platform, as a technological innovation platform that keeps pace with the times, has quickly captured the pain points of enterprises who keep up with the tide of the times and complete digital transformation and upgrading since its research and development.

New concept design, empowering brand innovation and upgrading

Crosspoly is a heterogeneous cross chain aggregation protocol based on multi computing distributed key management, which provides transaction traffic for each public chain DEX, finding the best price for DeFi users and automatically placing orders. Relying on the data-based value management of physical projects and Crosspoly’s mature blockchain operation experience, physical enterprises will better achieve digital transformation.

From the user’s point of view, through this information, users can grasp the company’s development status, change curve, and distributable profit per share and other “dynamic value” data in real time, and then understand the market situation and judge investment opportunities. Understand the white paper, it seems that the market fluctuates irregularly, and you can only watch the flowers in the fog and watch the fire from the shore. Crosspoly gives them more opportunities for projects with development potential and appreciation space, and by providing transaction volume, it finds the best dynamic value data for users to illuminate the way forward for users.

From the perspective of users, through this information, users can grasp the “dynamic value” data such as the development status, change curve and distributable benefits per share of the enterprise in real time, so as to understand the market and judge investment opportunities. From then on, they bid farewell to the situation that there is only an obscure white paper. Crosspoly gives them more opportunities for projects with development potential and appreciation space. And by providing transaction volume, it finds the best dynamic value data for users.

Crosspoly set out again with a new attitude and meet new challenges with a new look. In the future, Crosspoly will continue to maintain a pace of rapid iteration and continuous improvement, continue to improve various product functions, and continue to carry out strategic upgrades in globalization and technological innovation to create a better future.

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a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol

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a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol

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