Crosspoly, Heterogeneous Crosschain, Reconstructs New Trading Logic

In the era where information and data leads the future, the popularity of digital asset transactions has continued to rise, becoming an opportunity for the transformation of traditional business models.

Efficiency is the foundation of user stickiness, and Crosspoly does well in this way.

Crosspoly is a heterogeneous cross-chain platform for the new generation of Internet traffic, dedicated to providing more mutual trust, safer and more efficient flow and trading of heterogeneous assets. Crosspoly adopts a consensus mechanism based on distributed traffic management, compatible with IPFS and cloud computing architecture. By activating the most extensive user traffic to form a million-level content edge node, DeFi users can obtain the most considerable benefits in a secure transaction environment.

Crosspoly is a purely privatized social system that is specially built for blockchain. All user data and chat data are completely controlled by the platform without worrying about regulatory pressure. And it has built in one-stop digital currency docking, which meets the needs of players.

Crosspoly, heterogeneous cross-chain system

Crosspoly is not only open and dedicated, but also committed to further improving the trading platform model. Crosspoly heterogeneous cross-chain platform is extraordinary.

1. Easy to use

Crosspoly is easy to use. Its techteam has researched the operating habits of people so that both new and old users can quickly get started.

2. High secrecy

Crosspoly perfectly inherits the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, non-tamperable, and anonymous security. Using encryption technology, Crosspoly fullly protects users’ privacy, allowing them to control their data and prevent privacy disclosure in a true sense.

3. Highly professional

Crosspoly selects AMM trading to provide technical support. The AMM exchange is based on a constant function to keep the comprehensive asset reserve of the trading pair unchanged. In non-custodial AMM, uses’ assets are mainly in the smart contract, and any trader can use the contract to obtain token swap liquidity. Therefore, users conduct transactions based on smart contracts (collective assets) instead of directly trading with counterparties (such as order transactions).

Crosspoly is an immortal and indestructible idea. It promotes the progress of social civilization, leading us to the door to freedom, the world will truly enter the era of freedom.

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