Crosspoly Empowers “Optimal Transactions”


Banking, securities, and insurance are the troika of finance, but people’s perceptions of the three are completely different. People’s cognition of banks is the simplest and it is popular, so there is no need to say more. The securities investment market still has a certain threshold for the public. Those who know it are regarded as the investment target, and the public who lacks the foundation regard it as a harvest market and take a cautious attitude. As a risk hedging product, insurance is even less popular. Most people still lack the awareness of risk hedging and think that insurance is a meaningless “scam.” During this period, the advent of the blockchain era has made many users think that it is a huge wheel besides the troika.

In 2020, the secondary market of DeFi led by LINK has continued to soar, and the world’s attention has gathered on DeFi. Following this, DeFi-related projects have shown a blowout. At present, the public chain smart contract represented by ETH is constantly improving the development of DeFi, but ETH has not formed a unified public chain situation, and there has been a situation of contending among BSC, TRX, polkadot and so on. As the demand for cross-chain transaction scenarios continues to increase, cross-chain transactions have also become one of the urgent problems in the blockchain industry.

In this era, Crosspoly, a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol takes the lead with its unique advantages of providing transaction traffic for each major public chain DEX, finding the optimal price for DeFi users and automatically placing orders.

What is Crosspoly?

Crosspoly is a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol based on multi-computing distributed key management. Crosspool, the cross-chain encapsulated asset liquidity mining is a solution to the shortage of asset liquidity between cross-chains. The cross-chain aggregation protocol combines platform cross-chain encapsulated assets and on-chain assets at a 1:1 ratio for LP mining. Through mining rewards, the encapsulated asset conversion and smart contract interaction of cross-chain encapsulated and mapped assets on different public chains are realized. Crosspoly is a civilization and advancement brought about by technology and is committed to providing more mutual trust, safer and more efficient flow and transaction of heterogeneous assets.

Unlock The Value Of Crosspoly And Lead The New Ecology Of Blockchain

It is not difficult to find that every public chain has its own cross-chain platform. Crosspoly implements a unified cross-chain approach. Through the distributed private key control scheme, a fast and efficient cross-chain scheme is realized. The block speed is equivalent to the cross-chain speed, and there is almost no loss of time. The data setting of the cross-chain pool allows Crosspoly to realize distributed management.

It is satisfied on Crosspoly that users can automatically find a certain token trading pair. Crosspoly provide users with intimate services and realizes that users can analyze the contract address data and automatically analyze the optimal depth and price.

Crosspoly provides a way to achieve a centralized experience, K-line and technical indicator line in a decentralized product, which is no different from the experience on centralized ones.

Through the “three-one principle” of “one satisfaction, one realization, one provision”, it fully demonstrates the advanced concept of Crosspoly’s user first.

Crosspoly links various closed blockchain networks so that there is no distance between chains and transactions are no longer hindered. Crosspoly, brings the blockchain back to its essence. Crosspoly opens a new era of blockchain, the great era of crosschain aggregation!

The future of Crosspoly is deserved to be expected.

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