AMA Review on Aug 3 ┃The Details About Crosspoly Trading Contest

4 min readAug 3, 2021


  1. What is the Crosspoly trading competition?

Crosspoly’s trading competition is an airdrop event launched by Crosspoly to cater to market needs, promote ecological development, and create community enthusiasm.

Everyone can get CP airdrop rewards by participating in transactions. Participate to get rewards. This is an airdrop method that our team hopes to see. On the one hand, it can not only strengthen our community, develop our community, and let more people participate in a zero-threshold way. On the other hand, On the one hand, through this way of community online participation, we can better conduct real-time online testing and obtain more test data, thereby improving our product experience.

This trading airdrop competition is an airdrop activity based on the project’s ecological development plan and the principle of token distribution. We have also received the support of our investors and the community. I hope everyone can actively participate and receive airdrop rewards!

2. What does this trading airdrop contest mean to Crosspoly? Why does Crosspoly hold a trading contest? What specific role does this have for Crosspoly’s ecology?

Good question, let me briefly talk about it. Crosspoly aims to provide a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol through multi-computing distributed key management to provide transaction traffic for each major public chain DEX, find the best price for DEFI users and automatically place orders . Committed to a more trustworthy, safer and more efficient flow and transaction of heterogeneous assets. In this regard, trading occupies a very important position. In essence, Crosspoly is a tool for users’ DEX cross-chain transactions, which brings convenient and safe services, and reduces slippage and handling fee losses.

The purpose of the trading airdrop competition is to attract everyone to trade with crosspoly, let everyone participate in our product experience, so as to deepen everyone’s overall understanding of the project, and let everyone participate in the use of our products. Through the practical experience, you can feel the power of Crosspoly’s technology. After all, no matter how good the publicity is, it is not as real as the actual experience.

Except for user experience, we hope to use this opportunity to expand our market and community. The main technical team of Crosspoly is in the United States and Europe. Our parent company is also in Europe. So for some Asian communities, we Need to use some of these activities to expand the market.

So, on the whole, the trading airdrop competition is the beginning of Crosspoly’s cross-chain trading ecology, a concentrated expression of our product’s technical advantages, and the first public appearance of our products. In the words of our team: this is our Crosspoly sailing. It’s the first time to go to sea, in the form of a trading airdrop competition, so that everyone can have this ticket to the future. I think this is the most important purpose of our trading airdrop competition.

3. Can you tell us some specific rules of the trading competition?

Okay, this is also a place that everyone is paying more attention to. I will focus on telling you that our trading airdrop competition is scheduled to start on August 15th, US time. A total of 30 days, within 30 days, everyone can In our DAPP, participate in specific trading pairs to conduct transactions and obtain CP token rewards.

We currently plan to open the following five trading pairs: USDT-USDC ETH-USDT BTC-USDT ETH-BTC CP-USDT. Users who participate in the transactions of the above trading pairs in Crosspoly’s DAPP will receive a certain percentage of the transaction fee. CP token rewards.

We expect to give out 5 million CP (approximately 100 million U.S. dollars) token rewards during the event time. We hope that everyone will participate actively.

4. Can anyone participate in the airdrop?

Right, this transaction is open to all users on the entire network, and everyone can participate during the event.

5. Can you talk to us about some future development plans of Crosspoly?

Of course, first of all, what we have been talking about before, our V1.0 version will be launched along with the trading airdrop competition. In the first month, we will continue to optimize and iterate products and continue to launch new trading pairs. .

In terms of technology, we will give preference to heterogeneous chains with higher popularity for aggregation transactions based on market demand. It is expected that the on-line test of heterogeneous cross-chains will be launched at the end of August. Please keep your expectations.

In terms of the community, we will uphold the DAO governance ideas and start the first phase of the CP private key manager election. We firmly believe that the distributed DAO organization and management model is the underlying consensus of Crosspoly. Only through DAO community autonomy, Crosspoly In order to achieve stable and long-term development.

Liquid mining is another part worth looking forward to. As a meta-universe aggregator star cross-chain project, we will continue to deepen the overall liquidity mining rules and combine concepts such as DeFi, NFT, and meta-universe. Please stay tuned expect.

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