After Years Of Hard Work And Development, Crosspoly Finds Its Way Out

3 min readAug 15, 2021


After several years of trials and hardships, Crosspoly quickly became popular as soon as it was launched.

Continuous improvement of infrastructure and consolidation of development support

As the new trend of heterogeneous cross-chain in the era, under the updated iteration of blockchain technology, Crosspoly has been born in an all-round layout.

Crosspoly is a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol based on multi-computing distributed key management. The Crosspoly aggregation protocol is a smart contract built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi Smart Chain (HECO), Ethereum (ETH), polkadot and other chains.

Through mechanism design, the aggregation protocol searches for the best depth of DEX on the major public chains for slippage protection, and judges the trading pair with the highest price when selling and the best price when buying, and automatically places an order.

Continuous iteration of technological innovation and improvement of ecosystem construction

Crosspoly utilizes the technical advantages of cryptocurrency and relies on the existing traditional application scenarios to realize a stable and global anti-regulation trading system. Crosspoly cross-chain encapsulated asset liquidity mining is a solution to the shortage of asset liquidity between cross-chains. The cross-chain aggregation protocol combines platform cross-chain encapsulated assets and on-chain assets at a 1:1 ratio for LP mining.

Through mining rewards, the encapsulated asset conversion and smart contract interaction of cross-chain encapsulated and mapped assets on different public chains are realized.

For example: If a user wants to convert HT/BNB/FIL to HT/BNB/FIL on the ETH chain, he only needs to transfer a HT/BNB/FIL into the Crosspool, and the swap pool triggers the contract to generate a cross-chain encapsulated assets in ETH format, like eHT/eBNB/eFIL. And in this case, the eHT/eBNB/eFIL and wHT/wBNB/wFIL (ETH chain mapping token) can be combined together to do the LP mining, so as to realize the liquidity of cross-chain encapsulated assets.

Establish a consensus mechanism through Crosspoly. Security Private Key Management Control(SPMC) is based on multi-party calculation and threshold key sharing technology in cryptography. Through private key generation and control technology, encrypted currency assets are mapped to the chain based on the built-in asset template of the blockchain protocol. The chain transaction information deploys new smart contracts and creates new cryptocurrency assets, thereby realizing the function of finding the best price for DeFi users and automatically placing orders.

Today, everyone stands at the junction of history, full of expectations and yearning. For years of hard work, Crosspoly today handed over a high-quality development score to the industry. In the future, Crosspoly will not change its original intention, keep its mission in mind, strive to seek welfare for users, support high-quality development with high-quality projects, strive to create a new situation in the development of Crosspoly, and strive to create a new glorious development of Crosspoly.

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