【Technical Progress】


module.exports = { ETH_CONFIG: { //TOKEN WETH: “0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2”, CHI: “0x0000000000004946c0e9F43F4Dee607b0eF1fA1c”, Crosspoly: “0x43Dfc4159D86F3A37A5A4B3D4580b888ad7d4DDd”, //Helper CrosspolySellHelper: “0x533da777aedce766ceae696bf90f8541a4ba80eb”, CrosspolyCalleeHelper: “0xef49a6DBa1C8DF859E49c17E9A485B439c7689d3”, CrosspolyV1PmmHelper: “0x6373ceB657C83C91088d328622573FB766064Ac4”, CrosspolyV2RouteHelper: “0x0672952Fab6BD1336C57AE09E49DB6D3e78B1896”, //Template CloneFactory: “0x5e5a7b76462e4bdf83aa98795644281bdba80b88”, FeeRateModel: “0x5e84190a270333aCe5B9202a3F4ceBf11b81bB01”, PermissionManager: “0x6B208E08dcF6BD51F50C5Da09d15B2D8E5C46Cf2”, DVM: “0x7cA7B5EAAf526d93705d28c1b47E9739595C90E7”, DPP: “0xB76de21f04F677f07D9881174a1D8E624276314C”, DSP: “0x8735AAd3BEae15487a017EE32cb11d8fd593e036”, DPPAdmin…

Blockchain is a unique product and the general trend of today’s era. Influenced by the blockchain, the new order in the world financial is also quietly undergoing integration and reshape. Anyway, there must be a place for digital currency!

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a heterogeneous cross-chain aggregation protocol

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